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To my new love

I am in love with a woman whom I have yet to meet.

I am scared to meet her. I am extremely nervous to look her in the eyes. My heart-beat quickens at the thought of her arrival and I have to catch my breath.

For to meet her, I have to tell the first woman I fell madly in love with, that though she would always be my most beautiful love, she will now have to understand I will love another with the same unconditional love of which she has always received from me and always will.

My baby girl will be delivering my first grand child, most likely, within the hour - my beautiful grand-daughter Memphis.

But it will not be the first time I met her.

I'll recognize her from the piercing blue eyes she will perhaps shine upon the faces of this earth or in that very first cry that booms from her lungs that announces her presence to this world.

Or it will be in the curly red hair that curiously sprouts upon her tiny head or maybe in the first cackle of her laugh that lets everyone know in the room that she is truly entertained.

Perhaps I will recognize her by the magnetic way she gravitates towards the colors of Orange and Blue and the way she can truly only be soothed to peace and/or joy by listening to the sound of those silly ole Gators at play.

I am in love with a woman I have never met, but who shall be arriving very, very soon.

I will recognize her for sure because I fell in love with her years ago in the hearts and minds and lives of the ones who left us broken and sadden with their departure - way too soon - to a better world but, will watch today from a most holy perch the arrival of the one who has already stolen my heart.

My baby girl is going to be a wonderful mother and she will always be my most precious love. I just left her room where I looked in her eyes and stroked her hair back and ... through a flow of tears, let her know how much I loved her, how beautiful she looked, how strong she is, and how proud I am to be her daddy.

But she completely understands that in a few minutes time ... I will love another. And she is just fine with that. In fact, she insists. In fact, she has begun to push.

Memphis is coming. I love her so.

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